IRESS XPLAN Integration

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No double-handling

Nod integrates with XPLAN using the XPLAN Custom API.

This means we can pull data from all the areas of XPLAN including IPS, Wealthsolver, Risk Researcher and Client Focus seamlessly into your Nod documents.

You get all the benefits of a world-class document automation and compliance system without needing to double-handle data between XPLAN and Nod.

Reduce your costs to produce advice.

People spend too much time writing advice documents. We're on a mission to automate document creation with Nod advises are reducing document creation times by up to 70%. Our smart document automation platform makes it easy to create conditional logic to handle any document automation requirement. The big bonus being Nod's purpose built code free drag-n-drop user interface.

Tight integration with XPLAN means you can pull the data from IPS, Wealthsolver, Risk Researcher and Client Focus automatically into a Nod document.

Manage compliance

Compliance and quality assurance teams spend too much time in archaic systems coding document templates and then reviewing the compliance of every document they generate.

Teams have no visibility over how documents get used in the real world documenting advice for clients. We make document template creation and management easy with our drag and drop interface and simple rule creation.

Compliance experts can control document template construction and ensure any updates to content are pushed out to all users in real-time.

Our integration with XPLAN means you can be confident that the data in your XPLAN feeds seamlessly into your documents in Nod.

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