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The connected taskspace is transforming how internal legal teams serve their stakeholders and how law firms run their practices.
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Automate Legal Work with Series
Always know where legal work is up to. Collaborate with both internal and external legal teams and stakeholders.
Internal legal teams

Better serve sales and marketing teams

Transform your internal legal team from document producers to strategic knowledge managers with oversight of agreements between your sales teams and customers.

Set up workflows for your sales and marketing teams to self-serve the production of documents like non-disclosure agreements and contracts.

Remove the word 'queue' from your company vocabulary. Get full visibility as to when the sales team are producing customer documents, provide assistance where you need to and focus on more strategic work.
Law firms

Create high margin legal services

Connect client requests to your internal workflows to save time and generate more margin. Have your clients fill in online forms that automatically populate your document templates.

Ensure your staff are all working to a common set of processes and precedents.

Offer a high margin knowledge management service that sees you manage and update legal document templates for your clients while offering them a self-serve portal to produce the final documents themselves.
Contract automation withconnected documents

Non-disclosure agreement template

This Non Disclosure Agreement template (NDA) is a flexible document template that can be used by in-house legal teams to produce high quality NDAs with consistency and speed.
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Letter of advice template

This Letter of Advice template has been built to assist legal practitioners to write clear, concise and consistent Letter of Advice documents in record time and without a single line of code.

Providing clear, accessible and well-reasoned advice to clients is a critical skill for legal practitioners. And while there are a range of things that need to be considered when planning and writing a letter of advice, the structure of the document is key.  
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Manage your legal practice with Insights
Internal legal teams

Management reporting for General Counsels

Get full realtime visibility on every contract, letter of intent and NDA being produce by the sales people in your organisation and identify risks to manage.

Present a clear picture to the rest of the management team exactly how much value the legal function is adding to the rest of the organisations.

Identify process bottlenecks and areas for improvement.
Law firms

Management reporting for law firms

Automatically calculate billable hours for each matter.

Report on how the firm uses precedents and improve knowledge management.

Zero in on the efficiency of the practice and what can be done to improve processes and create higher margin services.
Finance Control has been using Nod for the last 12 months to improve efficiencies & manage costs. It's allowed us to focus energy on client engagement & team development by reducing document creation time which had been increasing exponentially. Using Nod, we can easily modify templates as our industry changes -  and have those changes instantly & consistently reflected in every document going forward.
Jodie Pyke
General Manager, Finance Control
The team at Nod have been sensational in on-boarding our business to the Nod platform. Nothing has been too much trouble. We are excited to have partnered with a progressive company that is dedicated to streamlining the advice process!
Brad Blain
Belfast Wealth Management

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