Appointment of Director Minute Template

A quick and easy template for recording minutes in relation to the appointment of a new Non-Executive Director for use with a range of business clients.

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What is an Appointment of Director Minute?

Typically when a non-executive director is appointed to a company, the board will meet to approve the appointment.

It is good governance practice to minute the approval given in the meeting. Often business clients of accountants will not know how best to structure a minute note like this so it's always good to have minute template like this one on hand.

Who can use this Appointment of Director Minute Template?

Any accounting firm that works with small to medium businesses will benefit from having this template on hand.

There's something really nice about being able to help a business owner when they come to you and say 'how do I minute this meeting?'. Embedding yourself as the trusted expert with your business clients will elevate your role in their operation and help you to build deeper relationships with these clients over time.

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