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Create Statements of Advice in record time, collaborate with outsourced paraplanners and eradicate manual data entry from your practice.
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"With Nod we've been able to increase our daily advice document production by 188% without increasing the size of the paraplanning team."

Jodie Pyke
General Manager, Finance Control
Workflow Automation with Series
Always know where client work is up to. Make it easier to collaborate with both internal and outsourced paraplanning teams. Get visibility and control on the quality of the entire client file in a connected digital environment.

Comprehensive Financial Advice

In this example workflow, the team is guided through an entire comprehensive advice process.

From sending an online fact find form to a client, to producing the Statement of Advice, to automatically filling in the required product application forms, Nod minimises data entry and document editing in a comprehensive advice process.

The Series feature ensures the entire financial planning team is kept up to date on the status of each task, data flows seamlessly from task to task, and every interaction along the advice process is auditable for compliance purposes.

Ongoing Financial Advice

In this example workflow, the paraplanning team is guided through an entire review advice process.

From reverse fact find, to the Record of Advice and finally to automatically populating the investment switch form, this automated review advice workflow will shave hours of every client review.
Document Automation with Connected Documents

Statement of Advice Template

Perfect for licensees, self-licensed financial planning practices and new financial planning businesses, this Statement of Advice template follows the structure of a standard Statement of Advice document and includes a library of financial text updated regularly in accordance with industry regulations.

This popular template is a great alternative to starting a Statement of Advice template from scratch.
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Record of Advice Template

This Record of Advice (ROA) template is ideal for licensees, self-licensed financial planning practices and new financial planning businesses looking to skip the process of building a new Record of Advice template from scratch.

A managed library of relevant text is included,  containing snippets of strategy content suitable for delivery in a standard Record of Advice.
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Client Onboarding with Connected FOrms

Fact Find

Paper-based forms and processes belong with the coronavirus - in the past.

The Collect feature enables financial planning teams to send a digital fact find form to clients which they can access and complete via their web browser.

The data entered by the client into the online fact find form will then automatically populate other documents in a Series like file notes, advice proposals and advice documents themselves, removing endless amounts of data entry from your advice process.
Manage your practice with insights

Compliance Reporting

The Insights feature empowers Compliance Managers and Practice Principals to report on all the data in every document produced in Nod.

Report on key risk indicators, document quality and the consistency of key data in the entire client file.

Stop sampling a small amount of advice documents and report on everything.

Stop paying for huge teams of people to read Word documents and redeploy those resources into more productive roles.

Efficiency Reporting

Get realtime data, down to the second, on how long things take to get done in your financial planning practice.

The only way to create better processes is to know where the bottlenecks are. The Insights feature allows you to measure things like active time per document, process cycle time and break this data down by document type and team member.

Great for high performing paraplanning teams both internal and outsourced to identify areas to create more efficiencies.

Impact Reporting

Financial planners can better tell the story of the positive impact they have on their clients using the data contained in their advice documents.

Using the Insights feature, report on metrics like how much you've saved your client in fees, how much you've increase overall insurance coverage, assets under management and more.

Create beautiful graphs that you can use in marketing materials and social media posts.

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