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All you want for Christmas is integrations

October 11, 2020
All you want for Christmas is integrations
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It's been a big year at Nod and we couldn't be prouder of what our team has achieved in the last 12 months!

We've delivered 75% reductions in Statement of Advice editing time, created a digital document experience that paves the way for true, real-time compliance reporting and today are announcing the release of the Nod Web Clipper.

Web Clipper is a novel approach to 3rd party integration using a Google Chrome extension. It allows a user to collect data from the web applications they use in their daily work and deliver that data seamlessly into a Nod document which is drafted in real-time using conditional logic. Check out the video below!

I'm particularly proud of the team's approach to this part of our document automation product. It would have been really easy to default to building integrations via APIs. Doing so would have been costly, slow and would have tied our customers into whatever financial planning tool we had integrated with. Using a Chrome extension to collect data into a document means the data can come from any site on the web.

It allows our customers to re-imagine their technology stack, using best-of-breed systems for each part of their advice process with the confidence they can deliver their data into a compliant advice document.

We've tested the Nod Web Clipper on web apps used by financial planners like IRESS XPLAN, Salesforce, Optimo Financial, Midwinter, Practifi, Hubspot, Google Docs, Netwealth and Morningstar. If you're using any or many of these systems in your advice practice you can now push the data seamlessly into a Nod document!

Opening up your technology stack has the potential to completely transform how you deliver advice to your clients and the efficiency of your advice business. Get in touch with us today at so we can get started!

Merry Christmas folks! Could not be prouder of the team for getting our Chrome extension done before Christmas. It lays the platform for genuine transformation of the advice process by enabling data from any source on the web to find it's way seamlessly into a compliant Statement of Advice.We've tested the Web Clipper with gathering data from software like Iress XPLAN, Salesforce, Optimo Financial Pty Ltd, Practifi, Google Docs, Netwealth - See Wealth Differently (ASX:NWL), Midwinter, a Bravura company,  Purplebox - , HubSpot and MorningstarHead over to Nod to get in touch to learn more! Let's transform your advice process!

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