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How Automation Powers Productivity and Profitability

February 23, 2021
How Automation Powers Productivity and Profitability

How long do you spend manually writing documents for clients?

Is it hours? Days? 

We live in a society that expects immediacy. We want news to be available at the click of a button, and we can transfer information at incredible speed to anyone in the world.

Whether it’s instant messaging or instant coffee, we expect things to happen quickly, easily, and cheaply. Why should your document creation process be any different? Why should you spend hours writing the same content over and over for every client? Your time is valuable, and it can be spent on far better things than at your computer, monotonously typing and re-typing.  

Document automation technology is designed to shrink the time it takes to write a document by writing the content for you, in the background. Switching to automated document creation practises will increase the productivity and efficiency of staff and boost overall business profitability as a result. It requires no knowledge of computer coding or software development to get the hang of. The point of document automation is that anyone can write a document painlessly.

Why will document automation technology make your life easier?

Firstly, it will increase staff productivity.

An enormous portion of the corporate clock is spent on lengthy administrative tasks. Staff could spend hours putting together the relevant data to generate, for example, a statement of advice. It’s a long process, and fairly uninspiring. By implementing an automated document creation process, you can increase productivity exponentially by removing the monotony associated with document creation. You can isolate which elements of data will alter according to each client, and data entry is restricted only to these elements.

The software then can organise these segments of data automatically, allowing for much faster document creation. These templates can be as complex and comprehensive as you like, incorporating elements of document creation you might not even realise take time to accommodate. For example, you can insert formulas to do all the calculating, or you can insert provisions that alter contextual pronouns if your client is a couple. Little alterations like this are eating up your time, and you don’t even realise it!


Secondly, it will increase accuracy.

Writing a document from scratch can result in a hodgepodge, cut-and-paste result. Why is it messy when you could be effectively utilising technology to write that content for you? With document automation technology, you can ensure every document is uniform and professional. Not only is the data input stage much faster, but automated document creation reduces the likelihood of typos and other human error. By pre-programming elements of data, you’ve already done half the work. All you need to worry about are the sections of data unique to each client. It will also make sure you don’t forget anything important.

The automated template will capture any data you need to include, including any compliance information. Think of your template as a safety net: whatever you forget, the template will include anyway. Think about how much time and energy you’ll be saving without having to triple check every single word of your 100+ page document!


Thirdly, you’ll optimise client satisfaction.

Relationships can’t be automated. Saving time on writing documents means there is more time to be spent with clients, face-to-face. But it also means they will receive their documents faster. Quickly turning around accurate and professional documents for clients using document automation will ensure happy customers and reflect positively for the business.

Maximise Profitability

Notwithstanding the previously mentioned benefits, document automation will have an enormous influence on boosting profitability. Staff will be more efficient, allowing them to focus their time on other tasks. You eliminate any risk of non-compliance in your document creation. If you outsource your current admin tasks, you can reduce the cost of operational cost here. Further, you’ll have happy repeat clients who come to expect the high-quality document creation bar you’ve set. Countless birds, one stone.

Time doesn’t have to be money. You can save both at the same time. Nod has been proven to save firms up to 80% in document editing time. It’s easy to integrate, easy to use, and easy to switch. Now, ask yourself again, why are you allocating so much time and so many resources to a process so easily improved by the implementation of document automation?

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