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Nod integrates with Iress XPLAN

November 10, 2020
Nod integrates with Iress XPLAN
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Nod Integrates with IRESS XPlan

One of the biggest challenges with technology innovation for financial planning firms is the lack of API connectivity between systems. This causes double handling of data and doubling up on data entry sucks!

To that end, super excited to be announcing our new integration with Iress XPLAN today!

XPLAN is used by 80% of our customers to manage their client relationships, conduct product research and model financial scenarios. We're partnering with XPLAN to make document creation, template management and compliance just as easy for a significant segment of financial planning firms in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Pull data seamlessly from XPLAN into a Nod document with one click.

During the process of creating a document in Nod you can select a client from your XPLAN list. The list is searchable so no endless scrolling for those of you with lots of clients!

Select a client from your XPLAN list.

Once you've selected your client, Nod will automatically bring through all the data associated with that client into the document with some helpful little Iress logos identifying for your where the data has come from.

Data from XPLAN in the Nod document creation form.

Innovation without the headache.

It can be tempting for practices to seek innovation by making enormous technological bets. Moving CRM software providers and financial planning tools is as big as it gets in financial planning. The integration enables financial planning firms to get all the efficiencies of Nod's powerful digital document creation engine, proven to reduce document editing time by up to 70%, without having to move CRM providers. Getting proven efficiency gains without the risk of large-scale change of the core business technology isn't an opportunity that comes along very often and we are pleased to be able to offer this opportunity to our customers.

You can see a demo video of the experience here:

Or to see it live, please feel free to book some time with me for a demonstration via this link.

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